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Welcome to Training4carers Ltd

Welcome to Training 4 Carers Ltd, a comprehensive training service provider for the social care profession

At Training 4 Carers we provide a range of childcare orientated training sessions to meet the training needs of foster carers, support staff, residential childcare staff of all levels and social workers

All of our training sessions have the child's welfare as a focus of the delivery and take into account many dimensions of children's complex developmental needs

We believe that we have developed a presentation content and style that is stimulating and challenging, within a safe, informal and engaging approach, without the use of role-play (which some people report a source of stress and does not assist learning) 

Our sessions usually include time to reflect on practice and knowledge and through the use of practical case studies, assist attendees to consider and develop problem solving strategies regarding a range of childcare and management related issues

We receive regular positive feedback from attendees, who especially appear to appreciate the dynamic small group exercises, which allows time for all attendees to become actively involved and make individual and group contributions

It is our view that the majority of our training sessions are developed and delivered within an 'adult learning theory' approach and are usually of 4 hours duration, which most attendees find manageable and assists their learning 

We have information regarding a range of training sessions within this website and are also able to design training based on the needs of service providers, childcare teams and individuals

For more information regarding our services please contact us directly for an informal chat or consultation regarding your training needs

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